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The Pups

My pups are Staffordshire Bull Terriers - also known as a staffy, StaffBull, or cutest-puppy-in-the-whole-world. They are NOT American Staffordshire Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, or English Bull Terriers. They are the smaller cousin to their larger American cousins, but they are not the same breed. They are immensely popular in the UK and for good reason! The SBT loves their people very much and always prefer the company of their people over another dog any day.

They are a small and compact dog and this is what helps separate them from their larger American cousins. They weigh 24-38 pounds and are shorter - 14 to 16" at the shoulder. Both my ladies are petite (but within breed standard) weighing in at 28 pounds and measure in at 14".


Sadie was born 12/07/2008 and is my very first dog since childhood that I raised from a pup. She came to us from Ohio. I don't know a lot about her lines, but I know enough to understand that she goes back to some performance lines. I'm pretty sure that is where she inherited the insanity gene. This cute little girl is the is the apple of my eye. She is smart. Too smart. I swear when she looks at me with those soft brown eyes she is solving the worlds most difficult mathematical equations and figuring out a solution to world hunger. If only she could speak human all our problems would be solved.

Sadie is spunky with lots of energy. She is active in Flyball which is a dog sport - a relay race involving running, hurdles, and balls. She also competes in agility and really puts her heart and soul into the sport. It involves brains and athletic ability so it challenges her in ways that are very good for her. Our goal for 2014 is to have the weaves trained so we can compete in more agility venues.

When she was a year old she passed her Canine Good Citizen test and is now CGC certified. She also has two RN Qualifiers and only needs one more to earn her RN title.

Sadie will do anything for a cookie. Anything. I like to say she lets me take ridiculous photos of her because she loves me, but really it's all about the cookies.

Sadie showing off our Flyball team color (pink!)
Sadie is a leader. An example of a good dog - man's best friend. An ambassador for the breed.


Princess Violet was born 09/04/2009. This dog has the most angelic face but don't let her fool you - there are horns that hold that halo up. She came to us locally from Bethany Dalton and is Bethany's first litter! Her official name is Fanpire's Do I Dazzle You - yes she does! But we just call her Vi.

One of Violet's quirks is that she is dog reactive but after working with her on this issue she is definitely doing better in that department. She even passed her CGC test and is now CGC certified! She has competed well in Rally and like her big sis has two RN qualifiers and needs only one more to title.

Dog reactivity is a fickle thing It isn't breed specific. It happens to many dogs in any and all breeds. It is a challenge but can be over come and/or managed. She's not looking for trouble, she just isn't interested in making new friends - the small circle of friends is good enough for her, thank you very much. I know a few people like that!  She loves puppies though, and that has allowed us to help her make new friends and, in fact, is how we were able to incorporate a 3rd dog into our pack.

Violet is many things. She's a sweetheart. She's a serious snuggle monster with an even more serious shoe fetish. She's an instigator for trouble, a mischievous little imp, a protector from closet monsters and things that go bump in the night. She really is a good girl. She tries to be a good girl...

See that sparkle in her eye? That's trouble.


Tucker is the newest addition to our pack of pups. He was born 10/10/13 and his personality is still developing as he matures. What I can tell you is this: he is a wonderful, confident little puppy. He is very respectful to the boundaries the girls lay out for him. He is smart and gregarious. I have high hopes for him in agility, obedience, rally, and possibly conformation. Bringing him home has been great for Violet. She has a new friend to play with and boy do they ever. She seems to really enjoy having a new baby brother.

I have two very good girls. They aren't perfect. They can be rude when we have company and jump up for attention. They're bed hogs and a bit greedy when it comes to cookies. But they're mine and I love them. They're the best dogs in the world.

Sisters & Best Friends Forever

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