Getting Back To The Basics

A place to show the changes in our yard, our garden, our home, and our life.

About Me

Growing up in rural Bellingham, WA I'm not exactly used to the hustle and bustle of Seattle living. We lived in Seattle for 7 years, owning a cute home for 5 of those years before I decided I needed a change for several reasons. I wanted acreage. I wanted room to plant fruit trees, room to garden, room to set up and train on agility equipment. I didn't want to hear my neighbors play and sing poorly while the smell of their cigarettes and pot wafted into our home.

So we moved to Maple Valley.

In our home lives myself (Nichole), my husband Rob, our three Staffordshire Bull Terriers named Sadie, Violet, and Tucker, and two older cats named Thomas and Mushi. With any home there are remodel plans and garden plans in the works, and a never ending honey-do list. Just a day in the life, right?

Rob posing with Violet & Sadie

About me? I'm just a person with a blog.