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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mini Oregon Coast Vacation

We were planning on going to the Oregon coast over Christmas but Violet wasn't settled enough at that time with the new puppy in the house that we decided it wasn't worth adding more stress onto her little fried brain. But these days they're doing pretty good so we went for a quick weekend vacation.

It was the same weekend the Rose City Dog Show event was happening in Portland so we decided to swing by and say hello to some Stafford friends - and a few other 'facebook friends' that I hadn't met before which was fun.

Tucker got to meet his Gramma Sarah - the owner of his sire

Here's Tucker meeting his pappy, Pirate, as well as another lovely Stafford named Mr Peabody.

And here's Tucker making some new friends of the children variety. 

Then onward to the Oregon coast! We got there with just enough light to allow for a short romp before retiring for the night but they had a lot of fun. Tucker played keep away with the ball, Sadie played fetch, and Violet ran around for 5 minutes before she went lame :(

This gorgeous pic was taken with my iphone of all things. I was kicking myself for leaving my Nikon in the room. The lighting was magical. This is Violet enjoying one of her few romps on the beach. Her knee grounded her to the room for much of the weekend. Poor bug.

The next day we went out and we had some blue skies.

Happy girl

I took Tucker out by himself so he could explore the beach on his own without the girls distracting him. Like a typical puppy he suffers from ADHD and nothing holds his attention for too long. Dogs, people, birds, rocks, sand, feathers, sticks - it was all awesome in his eyes.

Later that evening I let Tucker and Sadie play together. Sadie played ball and Tucker tried to eat her face whenever she came back with the ball. So basically they have their own versions of how this game is supposed to work.

Sadie is incredibly tolerant

Beautiful Manzanita

That night my little Tucker was tuckered - as was my husband

The next day, Sunday, was our last morning on the Oregon coast. First I took Sadie and Violet out and they romped around for 10 minutes before I had to retire her to the room again because of her knee.

Once Violet was done I swapped her out for Tucker. Sadie continued to play fetch while Mr Tucker ate sand and barked at seashells. Oh the life of a puppy.

Overall it was a great weekend. We got to meet up with friends we don't see very often, Tucker got to socialize with pretty much ALL of the Rose City dog show folks, Tuck got to experience new sights, smells, and sounds, all of which will help him continue to grow into a confident little dog. 

All the pics from this weekend can be found here:

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