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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Leaky Skylights

When we bought our house we knew the main thing it really needed was a roof. It's a very low pitched with an old torch down roof. I'll save the details on the drama over this house when trying to purchase it. Long story short it will need a full replacement in 2-5 years. The sooner, the better.

Our low pitched roof has several skylights. Talking to my dad about skylights he said, "There are two kinds of skylights. The ones that leak and the ones that haven't leaked yet." Well, we've noticed the skylight in our bedroom leaking. The other ones - not yet

Leaky! The water is dribbling onto the ceiling panels and drips drips drips.

Surprise! Two leaks, one skylight! This one is a heavier leak. You can see the water stains and water collecting in the corner.

And here I had high hopes of getting a start on fixing up our laundry room - that'll be a fun project once it starts to happen. But this takes priority. It rains a lot in the pacific northwest, after all. We need to stay on top of the roof issues so we aren't forced to take drastic action before we want and are able to.

We called the same roofer fellow who gave us solid advice before we purchased the home. We're hoping he can help buy us the necessary time  and eventually have them give us a beautiful metal roof and we'll never have to think about roof problems again *knocks on wood*

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