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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Doggy Update - Plus Swimming!

First things first - Tucker made his debut on youtube!

The pups are doing great overall. Violet is enjoying playing with the puppy and Sadie has started getting in on the action. He's growing big and at 12 weeks he weighed 14.8 lbs. So far he is trending to be in the mid to upper 30 lbs when grown. He is good natured, smart, and takes corrections like a champ. I don't think he'll be as drivey as Sadie which is a-o-k with me!

Tucker and Martok lurve each other

While I have enjoyed the fact that Tucker and Violet have really hit it off, it has brought an ugly health problem to the surface that had previously stayed hidden. Before we moved to Staffordshire Manor, we had a small city lot in Seattle. Since Violet doesn't like dogs she never played off leash at any parks. Now she lives on 4 acres and runs her fool head off. This made me notice her luxating patellas. 

Bitey face fun! 

Her right rear leg is the main problem. She hurt it pretty bad after a hard play session with some little boys and with Tucker and it just hasn't been the same since. The patella slips out a lot and by the end of the day she is lame again. Vet visits, massage, cold laser treatments, crate rest, Rimadyl. Next up is surgery. Bummer.

On another note, the pups have continued their swim sessions at Splashdogs. We do this because it's warm water and jets provide a nice low impact exercise session and deep stretches that is good for all the dogs. Tucker went for his first session. We had him in watching Sadie squeal, bark, and have fun fun fun! He was very curious about this wet stuff Sadie was so excited about.

Sadie has fun in there! Tucker finds this intriguing :)

He only got in the water a little at the end. More next month :)

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