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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Busy Life is Busy!

As you can imagine, moving is a lot of work. A lot has happened since my last post so let me give you a run down of what we've been up to!

All the icky carpet was removed and hauled away - we now have new laminate in the master bedroom and family room

Moving to a new home, with a completely new and different environment, can present challenges to a reactive dog and her owner. Violet was reacting to anything that moved outside of these windows so we went out and bought window film. Kinda sad because our view went away. We may do something different in the future but for now this is our solution.

One day, after running away from my dentist appt, I decided to go shopping downtown Seattle. Someone from Salon 7 training school stole me off the street and gave me free highlights. True story.

Two weeks later I had it all chopped off - not for free

Got the figs adjusted to their new home - some lost a few leaves over the move but everyone has adjusted well. Just in time for fall!

We've been harvesting tomatoes from the Seattle house. I've made tomato bread (tastes like zucchini bread) and green tomato soup.

We got a new washer/dryer! It only took a month to get them. Long story, one that makes me grumpy. But they are here and we finally have clean clothes again!

We get visited - a lot - by this family of deer. It was cute the first time, but now they are less cute. They ate my cherry and apple tree - and even nibbled on my ginko tree. Now I think they are furry jerks. And Violet wants to eat them. 

We took the girls to a doggy swim place in Lynnwood. Sadie loved it. Violet was a little less enthusiastic but I think she still had fun.
(Many thanks to Danny for this pic of Vi!)

I finally got to try my Go Pro camera :)

And then there's the playing. Oh boy the playing. The girls are really loving all this room to romp around and play fetch with balls and frisbees. What a fun life they live.

And we got their mugs on mugs - how cute is that? We won them in an auction raising money for canine cancer.

I think that's plenty of updates for now - don't you think?


ob said...

Those are great photos!!!

Nichole said...

thanks doc!