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Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Joys of Moving

Moving is a pain in the rear. Barring some life altering circumstances that forces me to eat my words, I am never doing this (moving) again.

I have fig trees. Lots of fig trees. All but one are all in containers so my sister came down with a truck and we loaded them up and drove them over to the new place.

(nearly) all the trees in containers!

The larger trees went into the truck

The rest we packed into my SUV

We took the back roads to avoid the freeway speeds for the sake of the trees in the truck. Everyone made it safe and sound. My sister and Rob made one last trip over to bring over maybe a half dozen more trees and as many empty pots and that basically takes care of the trees.

Also done yesterday was Rob got in there and started ripping up the carpet in the family room. When we first saw it, the horrible, stinky smell of febreeze was insanely strong. I couldn't be in the house longer than 5-10 minutes before a headache kicked in. I suspected pet smells would be behind the strong perfume cover up. Once Rob lifted one corner of the carpet we saw that suspicion was correct. Yay animal urine! So the carpet and carpet pad are out and new laminate will be in within a week or two.

Violet likes the little carpet strip Rob left for her

Moving day is Monday. Tomorrow. We have a lot more packing to do before that happens. Wish us luck!

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