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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stella Cherry Tree

Last year I planted a Stella Cherry tree (a sweet variety) and this year it gave us some fruit! About 30 in all. Violet stole some while I managed to salvage the rest. Not bad for a first year's harvest - and I only had to wait one year to get it. In my little city yard the crows can be a real bother - they have not discovered this little treasure - yet.

Violet being a little imp - surprisingly SHE discovered the cherries but Sadie did not

It decided to pour down rain so I picked all the cherries before they split. Not really sure that's a problem with cherries but swelling and splitting in the rain can be an issue with other fruit, and they needed to be eaten anyway

nom nom nom - delicious!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day 2013

I'll use any excuse to head up to Bellingham. My dad owns 5 acres and it's one of the girls' favorite places to go. They explode out of the car and run till their little legs can run no more.

First things first - make out session with Jackie

Run like a loon? Yes please.

Derpy Marley - 70 lbs and 1 year old now!

Marley towers over the girls - he makes them look so tiny

Violet did GREAT with Marley. Minimal snarking and I think she really enjoyed her time with him. Violet being on prozac has made a big difference with her anxiety. Here she is drinking water with Sadie and Marley without any issues.

Good life! And relaxed Violet

My nephews had a BLAST with the pups. They threw the ball until everyone was exhausted.

While the boys ran around like crazy with Sadie, miss Violet found herself aligned nicely with my 1 year old niece. Violet is very mellow and very gentle with babies. They love each other.

You'd think I would have gotten some pictures of my dad - considering it was Father's Day and all. But I didn't. I'll use that as an excuse to go back soon for another visit. Maybe the kids can come over and wear the dogs out again for me.