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Sunday, May 12, 2013

CPE Agility Trial Day 1

Yesterday was Saturday - the day of our first agility trial. We chose CPE to debut in and entered in Standard Level 1 (no teeter, no weaves). Overall Miss Sadie did great. We stayed connected, she listened to me and my cues, and most importantly, she had fun.

Sadie got herself a snazzy new collar/leash combo - she's officially an agility dog!

We are doing running contacts and as such, hitting our contacts seems to be an issue. In practice we use a hoop at the end of the dog walk and A Frame to keep her from jumping off too soon, but we need to figure out a way to wean her off the hoop while still maintaining contacts. For non agility people, she needs to get at least one foot in the yellow zone on the equipment such as teeter, dog walk, and A-Frame. We NQ'ed both runs because she didn't hit her contacts. At all. But that's okay! She enjoyed herself! And now we know what to work on.

Video of first run!

Hopefully I'll have photos to post later. Kinda hard to photograph your own dog while you are running her. There was a photographer there and I am definitely going to purchase some from her. In the mean time, here are some pics of friends' dogs who ran :)

This is Sagan - his owner, Leanna, also debuted with her special boy and they Qed!! GO THEM!!!

Teddy and her cute little man, Kwest. How cute is he?

And cute little Kleo. She is seriously cute. Seriously. Like, for realsies.

Don't tell Sadie, but Kleo is serious competition in the cute department.

I got to meet Heather and her two staffords. I am in love with her two, especially little Newton. He has the name I am going to name my own little boy Stafford - whenever the day comes I get one.

And now I am off to begin Day #2 of our first agility trial. Today Sadie and I are doing jumpers. Wish us luck!!

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