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Saturday, November 24, 2012

More Land

We looked at more land today - lower price point than the first property we looked at (and blogged about here) so I was crossing my fingers it would appeal to us. It was nice, sloped but not too bad, 1.5 acres nicely squared so fencing it wouldn't be weird or difficult. But it was off a busy road so there was a bit of road noise and it was giving off a weird chemical smell. The real draw back for this property though was the particular path we'd need to take to get from there to work every day.

Pretty scenery - but not the property for us.

In the end after weighing pros and cons we opted to pass on it. I hope to do some homework on two properties we have at the top of the short list to figure some things out. No rush though. Still not planning on purchasing anything till next spring at the earliest.

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