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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Potential Land

So we've been on the hunt for a new house. A lot of people are asking why. Here are a few of the reasons:

  • Rates are low. Really low. Soon they will start going up - when exactly is unclear. Some say summer 2013, some say as late as 2016. It's a guessing game really, but right now they are low and won't stay that way forever.
  • Shootings. Our neighborhood has gone from being "okay" to being a bit on the sketchy side. Drive by shootings have gone up. I do not feel safe walking the dogs at night right now. Winter is upon us and I bought a treadmill to run the pups on so they can be safely exercised without dealing with sketchy characters that come out at night. Not digging it.
  • More land. Agility is becoming a more prominent aspect of Sadie's training and in order to move onward we need access to some equipment to practice with on our own time. Teeters, weaves, A-frames, tunnels - all these things take space. Space I do not have. We need more (level) land. 
So we are looking east. Sammamish/Issaquah preferably. The problem is we aren't finding the house/land combo I am looking for. My requirements:
  • Looking for an acre. Can be just shy of this - maybe even half an acre if the lay out is appropriate. But many lay outs are not appropriate. Many have the house square in the middle of the land which eats of the usability, hence an acre is what we are looking for. 
  • Must me level - or mostly level. I am not practicing agility in the rain on hills. Not happening.
  • I hate most of the houses that are on the market. Too big, not the right lay out, bla bla. Gotta be a house we love.
Yes I am being picky. 

So that brought me into looking at another option: building.

Today we looked at property up in Issaquah. This lot is up in the Trail Ridge area so it's got some elevation to it but nothing too bad. All paved roads, that sort of thing. It's two acres and it has been mostly cleared already. Not level but could be made level and usable.  It's rural but easily accessible to I-90 and close to Issaquah shopping. Now if only it can stay on the market till March 2013 - maybe it's meant to be?

A quick view of the land by video:

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