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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Play Date With Emmet

We had Emmet over for the day. Overall everyone had fun and Rob has a whole new level of appreciation towards my obsessive compulsive training methods towards my girls. Emmet is an obnoxious teenager. Basically, he's a brat. An ill mannered brat. It wasn't all that long ago we had teenage puppies living in this house but it's amazing how quickly you forget. Thankfully for him we love him and if he visits often enough he will eventually wise up to the rules of the house.

A lot of my staffy friends laugh at the very idea of me keeping a garden AND two staffies at the same time. I didn't see what the big deal was. Yeah they sometimes smacked into things and inadvertently pruned things for me occasionally but overall they are pretty darn respectable towards the things growing in the yard. After having Emmet over for a day I understand their awe and questioning of my sanity. This boy is all JUMP FIRST THINK LATER!!! In fact I'm not entirely sure he has a lot of thinking going on inside that head at all.

I have a large metal cage of sorts over my blueberries.  It's a barrier to remind the pups to respect the space and the plant. Within 5 minutes of being in the yard he leapt through the air and right smack into the cage, completely oblivious of its existence. He got tangled up in it, half in, half out, panicking over the evil metal monster that was trying to eat him. He managed to free himself but the blueberry bush got pruned a bit in the process. The cage stayed intact and the blueberry bush is still alive so I guess that cage served its purpose!

Emmet is a bit ball obsessed so we have to keep several balls out to keep the girls from competing with him. It can get a bit frantic, him running around like a clumsy newborn moose, plowing into anything in his way, and the girls chasing (hunting, with a purpose) him down to get the ball back. As long as there are multiple balls out so no one has to share, life is good.

There was some resource guarding of the humans, mostly from Violet, so when that happened the human had to get up and remove themselves from the guarder, thus negating the need to RG. Over time, this will get better as they get used to each other within the home.

As everyone played outside, I sat in the hammock swing. They all took turns sitting in my lap, enjoying some one on one zen time with momma. Even Emmet figured out the hammock swing is pretty special. The girls didn't seem to mind, as long as I gave them some special time after he was done. See? momma still loves you. All is right in the world.

Before we took Emmet home, he and the girls had one last hurrah outside complete with play bows from Violet and Emmet. How cute is that? It was a nice way to end their visit together.

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