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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Update on Gramma's House

Dad and Brenda have moved in to the Noon Rd and the house is looking great.
It is very bittersweet to see the changes to the house.

The kitchen, looking at the mudroom entrance
African mahogany wood cabinets, granite counter tops

Looking from the mudroom, through the kitchen and into the dining area

Standing in the Dining room (back of house), looking through the living room (front of house)
The floor is laminate, made to look like wood flooring

View from the living room (front of house) back to the dining and kitchen area

Back where the washer/dryer used to be is now an office space, closet, and bathroom

Upstairs, looking down at the kitchen/dining area. New carpeting on the stairs and upstairs space. The new banister is beautiful.

To the right you see a door which is the laundry room. It's a good sized laundry room. Curious to see the set up once complete to see how the space is used.

The room to the right of the image is the master bedroom. This is the space that used to be Gramma's bedroom and George's bedroom. The space is now combined to include a large bedroom with high ceilings, a walk in closet, and a master bath.

Master bath
View from the master bedroom. Aubrey's room on the right, bathroom straight ahead, laundry room on the left

Aubrey's bedroom and bathroom

Jackie got a new bike. If she kills herself on it I'll re-kill her

Flowering Cherry Tree, I think? Robbie planted it.
The front yard is still under construction. A front porch will eventually be completed here.

And as always, more photos can be found here:

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