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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sadie & Violet Happenings

In short, not a whole lot is going on in the world of the pups. Lots of eating, sleeping, playing, rough housing... in other words, just living a nice normal life. Since Sadie's "great adventure" with the rib bone my goal has been to NOT go to the vet any time soon. Like, maybe next year when it is time for their physicals.

So here they are enjoying the sunshine.

water? plxkthx

Violet is so delicate about her water adventures compared to Sadie

Forget what I said about delicate.

I really love this picture of Violet. She is in really great physical condition. She was slow to fill out but she has really filled out. In other words, she isn't a lanky teenager anymore.

Sadie is in fantastic condition, too. She has gained back all the weight she lost after surgery and she is 100% back to her old self. You have to really look for the scar on her abdomen. I can feel the sutures beneath her skin though. Crazy dog.

Oh girls. You are so cute.

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