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Friday, May 11, 2012

Acer palmatum 'Aoba Jo' Japanese Maple

I bought this cute little tree back in 2010 and it was a mere 12" tall. The website claimed that this particular maple only got 3' tall and wide but I have had this tree for two years now and it has already  hit it's max size. I have a feeling it will outgrow its stated size, but that is okay with me. We'll see where it maxes out at.

Aoba Jo - spring time leafing out

Current pic - Aoba Jo as of May 2012 - 3' tall and wide


tom | tall clover farm said...

It's lovely and as most japanese maples go, it will remain relatively small maybe up to 10-15 feet. You can just remove lower branches to raise the canopy if it gets to big and then you don't have to move it.

Nichole said...

I'll find it very amusing if this tree gets 10-15 feet considering it is sold as a dwarf maxing out at 3 feet. I'm sure it'll be gorgeous with some height though.