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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sadie Update

Yesterday Sadie had her staples removed! it's been a rough two weeks convincing Sadie she shouldn't be her usual crazy self - please respect the staples, ok? Now that the staples are gone she'll have her first agility practice (since the incident) on Wednesday, then Flyball on Sunday. Her first practice back with each will be easy so we can work her slowly back into it.

I think she's a little frustrated though. At dinner with the in-laws Sadie was oddly grumpy towards their dog, Puppy, who is a harmless white fluff ball - and quite elderly to boot so her snark was really unfair against the poor guy. I can only assume she has just too much pent up energy and frustration over this whole thing and she expressed it by being a bitch. I'm hoping in a couple more weeks we'll have Sadie's energy level notched back down to normal levels.

Staples still in, Sadie is telling Rob off for not throwing the ball that she placed so carefully between his feet

Last picture of her abdomen taken right before I took her to the vet to have them removed

All gone!

After the removal Sadie spent some time in the sun tanning her belly

Now we can get back to our normal lives. Sadie needs to be run stupid for a few days though. I'm going to work her brain hard with obedience and then run her ragged with the ball. Nothing better in life than a dog who is both mentally and physically exhausted.

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