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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Garden Update - Water Fountain & Hummingbird Feeder

Back in February we picked up a water fountain piece from the Seattle Flower and Garden show. We already had the pot, we just needed the piece to make the water flow all pretty. Took a while but we finally have it set up!

The girls supervised the filling process

The piece itself is hand blown glass with a little floaty ball on top.  The pipe is copper which is poisonous to fish so we will not have any fish in this bowl. It's here for the sight and sounds only.

A little video action:

We also picked up a pretty glass hummingbird feeder. I have another one on the way because I found it to be so pretty. I've made my own nectar (4:1 water/sugar) and now all I need are some hummingbirds and I'm set.

We set it up on the pergola

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