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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yard Update March 2012

The yard slopes downward so we added dirt to elevate this corner. Cool air travels low, hot air travels up. So naturally the lowest points in the yard are the coolest. This corner is where I planted my fig - a heat loving plant - so elevating the corner up will hopefully keep the fig happier, even if it's only by a degree or two. When you are growing a marginal plant in a marginal corner, every nudge helps.

So I planted the fig (desert king) and then I planted 20 Tri-Star strawberry plants around the fig. I also planted my Yellow Hinnomaki Gooseberry. You can also see the Mason Bee House.

The Yellow Hinnomaki Gooseberry is planted right in between a bunch of bulbs. Pretty cute! Sadie is photo bombing, checking out the new addition.

Overall view - I went a little crazy with the barriers. It really does help prevent the girls from plowing the plants over. I plan on keeping the barriers up till the plants get bigger and stronger.


Toni said...

The fence will radiate alot of heat when the sun is on it. So depending on exposure... Keep an eye out for sunburn in the summer

Nichole said...

Everything along that fence line is HEAT loving but I am worried about that with the mason bees.