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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another Yard Update - and puppies

A lot has happened to this yard but because there aren't any leaves on anything it is hard to appreciate the changes. Here's an updated picture.

I had a little baby grape vine in the ground, but I had worries about its long term prospects in a shady spot. The girls already trampled it once so I opted to take it out and put it in a container where it can get full sun. Once it is bigger and stronger, I'll put it back in the ground. It's in a shade filled spot on the ground, but once it gets some height it has access to full sun on the pergola. 

Before the move - too much shade and way too much puppies

After - not as pretty,  but safer and with more sun

My posts from earlier today demonstrate how busy we've been, but we aren't done. We have a shipment coming in from raintree nursery and one green world - I'm hoping they will arrive within this next week or two. I expect a couple of currants, gooseberry bushes, strawberry plants, some vines, a seneca plum, a dolgo crab apple, and a raspberry bush.

Once I have those things in the ground, we will be about 85% done with this massive "things must go in the ground" project. Aside from a few flowers and herbs here and there, that will be all till the following year. A hot tub is in the plans, and more plants will go in then around the hot tub, but not until then. Maybe next year.

Now onward to puppies!

We had some sun today, which was a nice surprise. As I was digging around I threw the ball for the girls and let them goof off and enjoy the yard.

Sadie is the blue lady in charge

Here comes trouble

This is Violet's way of telling Sadie "I heart you"

Sharing is caring

1:8 paws on the ground. We (nearly) have lift off!

The peacock wants to play too

pretty prancing puppies

This is Violet playing keep away from Sadie. She has her eyes locked onto Sadie and is trying to will her to give chase.

And afterwards, all that hard play is rewarded with a nap in the warmth of the sun by a window

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