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Sunday, January 29, 2012

RIP Blueberry Plant

Shortly after I planted two Sunshine Blue Blueberry plants, I noticed they weren't the sturdiest things on the planet. The branches snapped off a little too easily. I thought to myself I should get some sort of protective barrier to keep the girls from plowing them over. Sadly I did not get this project moving fast enough and within a week of planting them the girls had snapped one of the bushes off at the base. Considering how easy the branches came off I wasn't too surprised. I can imagine they were just romping around, plowed into it and snapped the whole thing off.

The hardware stores haven't had what I was looking for fencing wise and didn't want to spend a ton of money. I was in the nursery today and saw this (pictured below) by the check out. Twenty bucks and I have something to keep the plant safe! It also keeps them safe of frost. Not too worried about that with this plant, but I can reuse it in the future on any delicate young plants I am worried about making it through the winter.

In the spring I'll lift the cap off. In the mean time I'll keep my eyes casually peeled for the right fencing material so when it's time to lift it up we can still keep it protected. I'm hoping when it gets bigger it'll be able to fend for itself a little better. If it continues to be fragile, I'll have to find them a new home. Frail cannot thrive with these two pups.

I'm not mad at the girls. I went into this project expecting this kind of damage. It's still disappointing though.

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