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Monday, October 31, 2011

Update on Gramma's House

We drove up to Bellingham on Saturday to take a look at the house my dad is working on. A bit of progress has been made!

Here's the previous posts for comparison:
 (please note some of the pics and links in the above link don't work secondary to a glitch I haven't fixed yet)

I like the little patio they put in

Not sure what the area has been dug up for. Maybe a patio?

Inside looking towards the kitchen

Looking towards the front of the house

Looking towards the back of the house

Looking the living area towards where the washer/dryer used to be. Now it'll be an office (I think?) and a bathroom

The master bedroom upstairs. It's the southern end of the house with a bathroom and walk-in closet

Looking from the master bedroom towards the landing of the stairs.
Left to Right - laundry room, bathroom, 2nd bedroom

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