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Monday, September 5, 2011

Violet got a big girl collar

Yesterday Violet turned two years old! Happy birthday, baby girl! We bought her a "big girl" collar. We don't make them wear collars often, mostly out in public, so it'll be for special outings and such. It'll have their tags and other identifiers on it.

We had a custom carved collar made from Paco Collars. Turned out very nice.

The specs (for those interested)
Hand carved leather by Anna Poe with Paco Collars.
1.5" at the widest point (where the 'princess bitch' tag is) and tapers down to 1" - the leather backing is thinner than normal to keep it light weight for Violet
Brass hardware
Tag is from Fetching Tags, also brass
Two pink rhinestones  - for bling ;)

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