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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Damn Grass Seed

The girls were having fun playing fetch in the yard Thursday night. When we came in I noticed she was rubbing her eye. Turns out she had a grass seed embedded in the inside of her lower eye lid. Had to be pulled out with tweezers. Ouch.

The next morning her eye was still weepy and I saw her rub her eye which lead to a visit to the vet.

The green dye in her eye represents her corneal ulcer secondary to that damn grass seed

And now she has to wear a cone for a week :(

She isn't letting the cone get in the way of her ball obsession

So for now, she's on pain medication and eye drops (antibiotics). The cone is to prevent more eye rubs which hinders the healing process. Poor baby.

However, she isn't letting it get in the way of her flyball career!

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