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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pitbulls On Parade

Today we (myself, Sadie, and my sister Jackie) went to 'Pitbulls On Parade'  for the first time. Now my girls are not "pit bulls" but that doesn't make them safe from Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). So we went in good spirits to hang out with their bigger American cousins to show off how awesome they are. Everyone thought Sadie was a puppy. A few people knew what breed she was, but not many.

First we prepped Sadie for the big day by giving her a mani/pedi

 Taken this morning.
Sadie says "I am packed and ready to roll. Let's go to the parade!"
We actually met another SBT! This is Saidy (left) and Sadie (right)

Two staffy grins

This is Apollo and Sadie

Apollo is such a handsome stud - and Sadie totally and completely blew him off for a cookie. She's such a food slut.

Here is Sadie trying out the doggy treadmill

Here is Apollo giving it a whirl. He's one good looking dog.

Here we are getting Sadie ready for her first weight pull! Not really though. All we did was put the harness on (which was too big) and she pulled an empty sled. And the guy helped her pull it. It would be unsafe to have her do it for real at her first go.

Here's a video on how the weight pull went

Sadie Weight Pull from Liz on Vimeo.

Sadie & Apollo lounging in front of UCLA Dog's booth. What a rough life.

Group Photo! Eyes on the cookie.

Here is Sadie modeling her new ear sparklies. Someone was passing them out to the pups there. They are glued on with some child-safe non-toxic glue. They didnt last 30 minutes on her! But they were pretty while they lasted :)

They had wading pools there. You can imagine this made Sadie very happy.

Here is a video of her splashing in the wading pools. They had 5 or 6 pools and Sadie jumped from one pool to the next one to the next one...

Here's Jackie holding Sadie - with Sadie holding her pacifier (ball)

Beef Cake - Princess Style

The full photo gallery can be found here:

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