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Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Screen Doors

We bought something off the TV for the first time ever. Those obnoxious commercials that are so stupid you just roll your eyes or, if you're smart, you just mute it. One caught my attention though. It's called magic mesh and it closes with magnets. During the summer months the girls are in and out constantly but we have to try to keep the cats in. After debating dog doors and whatnot we decided to give this a whirl.

The girls didn't have any problem going through it at all.


Fairly quickly we saw a problem with the bottom - we were fairly certain the cats could just scoot under the screen. So Rob bought some more magnets for the bottom and now we're set. The magnets get caught up once in a while but most of the time it closes fine.

1 comment:

sbtgran said...

OMG!!!! You've made an incredible improvement!!!! Copyright this and you can make your OWN commercial! (then take the money to the bank)