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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy 4th!

The girls want to wish everyone a happy Independence Day!

They are 'All American Girls' afterall.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bill and Darrell come to town

Bill & Darrell came to visit us last week. They arrived Saturday while I was still in Canada land for a flyball tournament. The house was a mess and as per usual Rob played video games instead of cleaning. That means their first walk through our house was through a complete disaster. Perfect!!

I took Mon through Wednesday off to play hostess. Since Jackie was with us she got to goof off and eat lots of food with us.

on Monday we went to the arboretum. That didn't go super well. D has a bad knee (as does Jackie) and B has a bad back so that means we didn't do too much walking. The girls were being brats to boot so...we bailed pretty quickly on that idea.

The ducks came "running" to us because they thought we had bread. Jokes on them! We had DOGS!!
 Tired bunch

 The next day we rode the duck. That is a pretty good tour to see a few of the sites of Seattle while being driven around. I am kicking myself because I forgot my camera. That made me really sad.

Two mornings in a row we went to The Original Pancake House in Ballard. This is probably my favorite breakfast place of all time. 
For those who need an introduction:
 HUGE omelets. And delicious.
 Breakfast of champions:
pancakes, fried egg, delicious ham, fried potatoes

On the last day (after breakfast ^^) we went to this little metal workshop store place thingy. They have some cool things that I want to buy.

Every good garden needs an omen of death in it
 Shiny garden balls. I want one of these too.
 I want these too! Pretty rocks!
 I usually don't dig on flamingos but if I did I'd get this one
 Very fitting for our home
 Flying pigs
 This place had a few cool lamps.
 Rain chains. I now know where to go get some when we are ready to add them.
 I want a fire pit and I really want to get this one! There were a few there of various sizes. One will be in my backyard by next year.
 Gramma would have loved this rooster. I might have to get him for the garden just for her.
 Jackie apparently wants this as a wedding gift. So if anyone is stuck, here's your gift idea.
 Before B & D left they posed for photos with the girls. I took probably 20. There isn't a single one with 4 sets of eyes looking at the camera.

Loved having you guys visit! <3