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Saturday, May 28, 2011

50th Birthday Rings

Last August my dad turned 50. Last week my mom followed and turned 50. My sister and I decided to have rings made for them. Palladium for my dad, 14k yellow gold for my mom. Four small gemstones for the four kids, placed in birth order. Garnet, aquamarine, ruby, amethyst.

Dad - from last August

Mom from today

Flyball Collar

Sadie got a new flyball color. Done up in team colors (pink/black) and her name stitched on the handle. It's a unique collar because it is also a handle. Nice and fleecy soft on the inside of the collar and on the handle.

Skateboard fun

And for my latest trick...I shall teach the girls how to use a skateboard.

Here's a little video action. First up is Sadie (who kinda steals the show). This is her 2nd lesson.

And here is Violet. First lesson. While she doesn't catch on as quick as Sadie you can see definite progress by the time we finished.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sadie Update (Flyball, Agility)

On April 30th we went to a flyball tournament in Abbotsford, BC - at this tournament Sadie made her flyball debut. She did really well taking home her FD and FDx titles on one day. She messed up a couple of times but I know why and that's the important thing.


Group team photo

Sadie with her congratulatory cookie

Sadie is related to these two dogs - they are Border Staffs (Border Collie x Staffordshire Bull Terrier)...obviously they're related on the staffy side.

Blue Fawn Cousins

And now onward to Sadie's agility stuff! I recently started her in an agility class. She is quickly making agility her bitch. The trainer says her release word should be "See you later!" secondary to her desire to take off like a bat out of hell. She's been to three practices so far...the below video shows Sadie (and me) getting comfortable with some of the equipment.