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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Frisbee Fun

I work very close to Seattle University so I take my girls there on my lunch break whenever I can. Today was Sadie's day and we broke out the frisbee for her. She loves this place - and obviously has an affinity for frisbees also.

Mid air grab!
Running back to mom

Happy Happy Happy

 Oh hai der, frisbee. Why u not in my mouf?

Mom? mooooom! I can't see you!
(in all seriousness, one time she ran into the picnic table when she was holding the frisbee like that)

 Focused on the prize

Mom tricked me. There was no frisbee. Imma go lick her face now.

 Side profile!

Off looking for the elusive frisbee

Oh der it is!


Chelsey said...

I love her harness. Can you tell me where you got them from?

Nichole said...

here you go!