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Friday, March 18, 2011

Violet is a good girl!

Last weekend Violet and I went to the Seattle Kennel Club dog show. Lots of dogs & lots of people. While we were there princess Violet took her Canine Good Citizen test! For those interested here is a list of things the dogs have to complete in order to pass:

Out of 10 items on the list, I was positive Vi would do beautifully on 9 items.  The one I wasn't so sure about was 'reaction to another dog' - on this test I have to meet another person who has their dog on leash. I have to get close enough to shake hands and have a conversation with this person and have my dog sit politely at my side and not pull towards or react out towards the other dog. I kid you not, Violet passed with flying colors. As long as they didn't bump noses she was fine.

My little gremlin who eats puppies for breakfast passed! A  years worth of hard work with the princess paid off.
Look, ma! I PASSED!!!
 Violet making out with Bethany, her breeder

Not only did Vi get to take and pass her CGC test, but she also got to partake in the 'meet the breed' at the local staffy club's booth where she charmed the socks off the general public. She liked that part a lot. She also got to meet up with her sissy which then prompted a ton of HAPPY submissive peeing. Good weekend for the princess!

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