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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Maui Vacation

I love vacations! I especially love vacations in the sun, sand, and warm water. We just got back from Maui and we're pretty tired and thankful we have today and tomorrow to recoup before going back to work.

Day 1  was a busy day. We drove up to Bellingham with the girls and left them with my sister. I knew with the two of them together they would be ok. Violet once spent a day with my sister while we took Sadie up to Canada for flyball and Vi became mopey and depressed. Laid down on the bed and cried. This time they were both fine since the girls were both together.

So after dropping off the girls we flew in to Honolulu where we spent one night. By the time we got there it was late and we crashed. Traveling is exhausting

Day 2 - Hello Waikiki! We spent the morning walking around, doing some window shopping, taking pics, goofing off & enjoying the scenery.

Goofing Off
The scenery

We had lunch at the Duke's Canoe Club. This is where we had lunch after our wedding. We enjoyed it a lot more this time around. Love the food there. This was probably one of the best meals I had the whole week.

After lunch we then got our bags and flew into Maui! I got a good deal so we stayed at the Hyatt. This is what we walked in to.
Awesome. Trying to eat healthy and it's really hard with cookies and candy right there in my face. We had house keeping take that crap away.

This day was incidentally my birthday. So I got this! It's a 14kt yellow gold pendant/necklace of a plumeria flower. Thanks Rob! <3

All in all this was a lazy day of lounging around and exploring the resort. We ordered our food in via room service and relaxed listening to the ocean waves roll in.

Day 3 - we explored our local area a bit. I should add we were in the upper western part of the island. Very pretty. We did some shopping, eating, and more lounging.

Whenever you go to Hawaii, you HAVE to eat the spam musubi. It's a rule.

I'm not sure what the name of this tree is, but it is MASSIVE! It looks like there are tons of other trees growing around it but it's all one tree. As the branches grow out they drop roots down so what looks like a ton of bit trees is actually one HUGE tree with a seriously impressive root system.
*edit* My sweet friend Amber says this is called a Banyan Tree

After a full day of shopping we decided to watch the sunset from a hammock on the beach.

I have to resort to self photography to prove I am here too

The sunset

Day 4 - We drove around to some of the southern beaches to explore and watch another pretty sunset. But first, I'll show you the most awesome breakfast ever.

Fresh papaya, plain yogurt, and a sprinkle of granola. Bitchin. 
I had this for breakfast and sometimes lunch every chance I had.

This pic doesn't do the situation justice, but the ocean air always turns my hair very curly.

Makena Bay Photos

A view of Maui showing wind farms from Makena Bay

Makena Landing Beach

Keawakpu Beach Park
This is why the above photo is true. Isn't he charming?

Day 5 - We went back down to Makena Bay for some snorkeling.

Very old church, built in the 1800s - site is located right next to the bay

After we dried off we decided to go driving over to the east coast to check out the scenery. What a waste of time and energy. Sure it was pretty but it wasnt worth the hours required to get there.

Wainapanapa State Park - black sand beach
They're serious. Don't go in the !@#$ing water!
Graffiti - Hawaii style
Random photos of the east coast

We stopped at the Garden of Eden - a botanical garden on the eastern side
A view of the rock that is in the opening of Jurassic Park
Native Hawaiian Pine Tree
Banana Tree
Rainbow Eucalyptus
It was really late by the time we made it home. We took the Piilani Highway which was insane. And long. What a horrible drive.

Day 6 - last day! After checking out of the hotel I wandered around and took some pics of the hotel. Better late than never.

Then we meandered to another botanical garden which was up kinda towards the volcano.

After wandering Piai (hippy town) we went back to the airport and finally arrived back in Bellingham at 6:15am. Rough night. I threw up on the plane. I hate turbulence. We got the girls (who basically attacked us with kisses) and headed back down to Seattle - I napped all the way home :)

If you're crazy and want to look at more photos, they're all here:

And thus concludes my presentation.