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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Odds and Ends

Here's a bunch of random odds and ends  -

Productive weekend!
  • House is cleaned (thanks, Jackie!)
  • My office is cleaned and organized
  • Rob actually managed to somewhat kinda clean his office
  • Sadie successfully completed a 3 jump run at flyball
  • Violet didn't eat the black fuzzy shepherd dog at rally (yay! No dog eating!)
  • Downloaded Pomplamoose christmas music
  • Our basement didn't flood!
That last one is important. The pacific northwest saw a lot of rain this weekend combined with a lot of mountain melting. Thank you, la nina. I wish it were all snow.

Our basement isn't exactly water proof. A lot of water creeps in from the basement door and probably through various cracks on the concrete flooring. So knowing how bad it was going to be this weekend I had Rob go get some sandbags from Lowes to try and keep most of the water out of the basement. It actually worked! there is water down there but it could have been MUCH worse!
The garage wasn't so lucky. There is a drain in the driveway but it is clogged. Obviously. By the time I took this pic the water had started to recede but I think you can see the water line in the garage. Definitely the most water I've seen in there since we bought it 2.5 years ago.
 Thankfully Jeff, our realtor, has given me the number of the plumber he uses.
We got our new freezer! It's in the basement. The girls are on a raw food diet so this helps us with storage. Plus now we have room for costco runs!
My clean office! OMG! This only took me 2.5 years...
No post is complete unless I post some pics of the girls. They've been loving on these rawhide bones all weekend. They're sun-dried and compressed so they're not quite the usual rawhide.
I think Violet likes it
 And finally a little bit of home made hot cocoa to burn off the chill of the rain.

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