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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Photos

So last night I finally got around to taking Christmas photos of the girls so we can hurry up and make those Christmas cards and mail them out!

My girls love me. They must or they wouldnt be so tolerant.

I should also point out that today is Sadie's 2nd birthday. A birthday post will follow, probably after this weekend.


Mark said...

It's nice that they stay put for you to take all those shots! What f stop are you using, just curious?

Nichole said...

It was auto :)
I dont remember now what it was set to. But there were a few pics that I took and realized they would have been better if I had tweaked the settings myself.

Mark said...

I have only been using aperture priority on mine since I've gotten it. Keeping it set at 1.4-2.8...maybe a 4 every now and again. LOL
Still haven't touched the 18-200mm yet. Only used to 50mm.

Tammie said...

I love the Christmas pictures of the girls but I can't wait for my Rob to get home so I can show him his nephew Rob's pic on the couch. I swear that's his Uncle Rob's favorite exercise lol. I will try to send some pictures of our girls.