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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Avocado Chicken & Braised Leeks

Thanks to our organic veggie box deliveries, every 2nd week we get a box full of mysterious fruits and veggies that I don't typically buy from the grocery store - mostly because I never ate them and have no idea how to prepare them, etc. So these deliveries force me to broaden our palate's horizon.

I had three avocados. I didn't really feel like making avocado dip or chicken salad so I found this recipe:

I have lots of greens - including three big leeks. I have never bought or prepared a leek. I've probably eaten them before in restaurants or something like that, but never in a home made meal.

I found this recipe on <--have I mentioned how much I love this site? I love it. A lot.
Hello easy recipe that cooks up my leeks!
(note to future self - I only cooked it for 9 minutes, not the recommended amount. Anything more would have been too mushy)

Not bad! Aside from the fact that rob doesn't like avocado (haha) it wasn't bad at all. The leeks were maybe a little slimey in texture. Not sure if that was my doing or just the nature of the beast. We'd definitely make it again if we get more in our box though.

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