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Sunday, November 14, 2010

UCLA Dog Calendar Submission

So the place I take the girls to for obedience class is UCLA Dogs and today we had a rally class for Violet. On our way out they said "SEND US PICS" and I'm like OMG OK!!! But only two pics per dog. Only two? TWO?!? Lady, do you have any idea how many pictures I have taken of my dogs? Hundreds. We are probably into the thousands.

So I'm going through my thousands of pics thinking...pick the top two. Are you kidding me? I think I narrowed it down to 4 (when I posted there were 10. I keep whittling it down)

Duo Pics
Solo Pics
That was painful.

1 comment:

Chelsey said...

My favorites are the second one and the last. But it's hard to choose, they are all great!