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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Surrey BC Flyball Tournament

This happened weeks ago. I'm just slow at updating. So sue me.

We spent our day at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds for a flyball tournament. For those who are reading this and asking themselves, "WTF is flyball?" click here.
Sadie didn't run. She's soooo close to being able to run but she's not there yet. She is up to 2-3 jumps while working the box but she's inconsistent with the 3rd jump. Four jumps is considered a full run. And that's not even with a team run in mind - that's just her by herself. So she has some work ahead of her  yet before she's consistent enough to put her in a race.

Anyway, that's all boring stuff. Pictures are way more interesting.

Team Pic (minus me, the photographer)
Kristie & Danger
Paul & Savage 
(Savage & Danger are littermate brothers)
Jen showing off our new best time
Matt looks stunning in pink, especially when walking a dainty little girly dog
Crazy Danger getting his crazy on
Sadie - pure happiness
Ready to race!
Paul & Savage

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