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Friday, November 19, 2010

Human Intruder

Last night we got to babysit 5 month old Fiona!  Violet thought she had died and gone to baby heaven (she loves kids). Fiona isn't a simple babysitting case because she was born with a giant omphalocele (info on a similar case here). So she has an NG tube and is auto fed through this little machine thingy and I had to master all those things while caring for her.

As soon as daddy left she got cranky. So this is what we did for the first hour till she fell asleep. Walk walk walk

Asleep at last

Fiona likes her new puppy friend

My Puppy! (says Fiona)

We taught Violet not to kiss Fiona on the face. So to get around that Violet would gently sniff her face and Fiona saw that as an opportunity to nom the puppy's nose. We actually had to stop her many times from making out with Vi's nose. (Violet thought this was the best game ever)

very content duo


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