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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gramma's House Remodel

Here's a little update on the house that dad is remodeling. For those who don't know, gramma passed away in 2007 and my dad owns the house now. He has been remodeling it for a while now. I used to have more pictures of gramma's house and property but I foolishly lost all those photos when geocities closed up shop. Sigh.
So here's the best "before" pic  could find. My sister is 9 in this pic. Hello 2001!

Now here are some links to some photo sessions done in the past.

And now that is out of the way so I can proceed onward to today's photos.

New roof. New hardiplank siding (new color still undecided). 
New windows.
The garage storage area on the right side will be torn down and an attached garage will be built there.
 Dad showing off the interior. 
Plumbing and electrical done. Soon they will install insulation.
 This is looking towards what was the wash room
 Upstairs view:
New rafters, new ceilings, new walls are going up.
There was a lot of wood rot up here so it had to be gutted. 
The upstairs area will have 2 beds, 2 baths (and the washer/dryer)
 main floor, looking from kitchen towards the stairs
 New wood beams

And of COURSE there are doggy pics. The love coming over here because it's the only time they have a chance to run free without restrictions. 
No ball required - they run themselves silly here.

Find the pups!
 mmmmm swamp grass

And rob wonders why I want to get out of the city and own more land. All you have to do is look at these pics to know why.

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