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Friday, October 15, 2010

Minor Vacation Freak Out

So we're packing to leave - we have an hour to hit the road, Jack - and I looked down at Sadie sun bathing and notice this!!

AHHH!! They are everywhere! Violet does not have them. I added a dollop of yogurt to their breakfast. They've had yogurt before, no problem. It was Chiabani and they've never had that brand before... maybe that's it?  No cell service. Gotta drive into town to call the vet.

ETA - drove into town and called our vet. Note to future self: the the dosage of benadryl is 1mg/lb. So Sadie got a 25mg pill of benadryl (close enough - she weighs 28lbs). Within an hour you could barely see the raised welts. She's happy as a clam now.

Another ETA - it's not the yogurt. I won't be able to figure out what's going on till we get home and go back to our normal routine. If it continues after being home for a while I'll know it's the advantage multi that's in her system as of last week. It stays in the blood stream for a month. If it's something in cali that didnt agree with her it should go away soon. We're on day two of hives so she's getting benadryl pretty regularly. 

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