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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Minor House Updates

This one happened a couple months ago but I'm a little slow in my presentation. We replaced the skylight with a big window that opens. It doesnt open much (to my big disappointment) - a mere 6 inches. But that's 6 inches more than I had before and this small change has helped tremendously with air movement up there. This is in the converted attic space so it gets pretty damn stuffy and hot up there.

Before (it's just a big skylight)

After (it opens!!)

We also managed another (small) update just this morning! We brought in an electrician to install a 2nd outlet for us in the basement so we can bring in an upright freezer. I want to go shopping at costco more often and also make casseroles and soups and store them in the freezer so it's less enticing to go to Burger King.

One more thing - just a thought I've been mulling around in my brain for the past 2 nights since I've been an insomniac recently. That converted attic space that has that new window (pictured above, in case you're slow) has a wall that separates this weird space from the bedroom we sleep in.


I think this spring we may do some tweaking to this space. Tear down that wall and make it one big space and turn the whole area into one big bedroom. There is the chimney that is boxed in on the other side of that wall that would have to get removed and the process would leave me wondering what to do with the carpet. Right now I'm leaning towards rip the whole damn thing out and lay down bamboo or laminate and then put down some big throw rugs. And paint. My god this room needs new paint.

The stairway leading to the upstairs

I can finally turn this space into a nice ADULT sanctuary. I think the previous owners used this space as their kids play area. Besides the obvious crazy paint job that covers every inch of the space, there is also the crawl space that was obviously used as a child's fort. We put the catbox behind that curtain :)

The best thing about my plans to do all this? Finally having room for a king size bed.

Posting this picture for inspiration. Right now these are the tones I'm picturing in this space

 And I'm liking the DIY upholstered headboard.
I don't know why I'm even looking at headboards. The ceilings are sloped and we can't have one.

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