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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pity Party

Sadie had her tumor removed today. You have never seen a dog happier to be going to the vets. She pulled me in like a work horse and squeaked and squawked  with delight at all the workers and any other poor sucker who happened to be within her visual radius. When the gal took her leash to take her back she pulled her like a work horse to the back and I could hear her back there squawking away at everyone back there. It's outings like this where Sadie's tail becomes a lethal weapon of joy.

But now? Not so much. Sadie is throwing herself a little pity party. She has a cone that she has to wear when we can't supervise her and she HATES that thing. Unfortunately she has to sleep in it. She also has this little boot over her paw and she hates it. I'm pretty sure all her crying is because she's sulking that these things are on her. The horror!  She has pain meds so hopefully it's not because she's hurting.

We had them send the tumor off to the lab to make sure it was benign (though we are pretty darn certain it is). I think she has to wear this stupid boot for 2 weeks. Two weeks of a sad, mopey, whiny puppy. Great.

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