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Monday, September 13, 2010


We bought 2 boxes of peaches a week ago. I've used up nearly all of them making peach preserves and canning them.

This was my first go at canning preserves. Plain peach preserves using this recipe:'s alright. It didn't set as well as it should have - probably my fault somehow.
But the real winner of the peach preserves contest was spiced peach preserves, recipe found here:
Delish. I didn't even bother taking off the skins. The peaches were *very* ripe so I dunno if that counters that fact, but I kinda like the texture it provides. Personal preference I guess. I washed the fuzzies off first though.
Pictured also is my large round zucchini. My lone, single, solo round zucchini. I started out with a bunch and they all withered away except for this big dude.  Should I eat him or save his seeds? Oh choices. Note my strawberry container behind it. It is mid September and I have green berries and FLOWERS. This has been the screwiest summer ever in the history of Seattle.... or at least for the 4 years I've been living here.

And tonight? Tonight I just halved and canned them.
I'm debating what to do with the remaining 25 peaches I have. More spiced peach preserves? Something new? Choices.

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