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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Vegetable Beds

Back in April I got two 4' x 4' x 2' deep cedar planter boxes and I am now growing veggies in them. Here Rob doing the staining (outside only) before we filled them up with rich, healthy soil.
In the below pics I planted yellow pear tomatoes, brussel sprouts, beets, sugar snap peas, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, a lone pepper and a lone 8-ball zucchini plant.
Here are the same planters after a few months. I was worried because our spring was so incredibly miserable weather wise. It really confused the heck out of all my flowers. But they figured it out and they thrived (except for the beets, but that's another story)
The snap peas are what took off first and gave us an abundant amount of snap peas to enjoy
 The brussel sprouts are beginning to grow their little nubbins. I don't expect to harvest these little dudes till the weather cools.
The yellow pear tomatoes (still green)
The round 8-ball Zucchini
Can't wait to make some yummy zucchini bread!

 The other day I let the girls out so they could play in the yard. They were just a little too quiet for my liking and when I looked out I found this scene:
Caught red handed pulling down and eating the remains of my snap peas. Thankfully they are at the end of their life cycle so there isn't much for the girls to find and eat.

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