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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My wish list for next year

There are many plants/trees/bushes/flowers I want in my garden. However I don't have a huge amount of land to play with (our lot is approx 3500SF including the space the house takes up) so I have to plan things out wisely. Hopefully this list will help me categorize what I can reasonably bring in and what has to stay on the wish-list.

  • Negronne Fig - aka Violette du Bordeaux
    • At first I thought the fig tree I wanted was the osborne prolific but after reading this blog post I am second guessing this choice. Maybe this one should be on my radar instead? Grows 8-10 feet though I am wondering if it would grow smaller in a container
  • Eversweet Pomegranate 
    • Grows 8-10 feet and is the only pomegranate I have a prayer of getting fruit from. Even if I don't it gives off beautiful orange red flowers so even if I lose the gamble by not getting fruit I still get something pretty to look at
  • Weeping Santa Rosa Plum Ultra Dward Tree
    • This thing is so damn pretty. I just love weeping trees. You get blooms in the spring, fruit in the summer, and a beautiful weeping habit as a bonus. I wouldnt even consider this tree if it wasnt small and weeping.
  • Ultra Dwarf Bartlett (pear) tree
    • I'm unsure about this one. Our neighbor has a giant pear tree which makes me less apt to bring in my own. You need a cross pollinizer - would our little dwarf pear be able to cross pollinate? Right now we have access to our neighbors pears but it's a rental property and the next round of neighbors may not want to share. And I like me some pears
  • Improved Meyer Lemon
    • Dwarf citrus tree - lemon orange hybrid (more lemon than orange). It's a dwarf evergreen tree that can survive our climate but requires going in the basement come winter time. So basically it requires extra maintenance. Also they're a little pricier than my other items on the wish list.
  • Encore Azaleas
    • So I have an azalea already but I'm thinking about giving it up in order to bring in an encore azalea. They bloom all season long, baby!
  • Indian Free Peach Tree
    • This is definitely a want but I dont think it's on my realistic list. It needs another tree to cross pollinate (so another peach or nectarine tree) which wouldnt be a problem if I had the space, but I don't. This tree gets pretty big and I don't think it fits into my small garden plans.
Vegetable Beds:
  • carrots
  • potatoes
  • jicama
  • strawberries
  • lettuce
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • rhubarb
  • brussel sprouts
  • tomatoes. lots of tomatoes.
  • snap peas
  • zuccini
  • artichoke
    That's all I can think of for now but I know there are more.

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