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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting ready for the new fence

One of the projects that was on my agenda this year was getting a new fence for the backyard. Currently there is a chain link fence in the back and for a variety of reasons it is getting taken down and a nice cedar fence will be put up in its place. But before we could do that we had to convince the neighbor that some of his trees needed to be cut down since they were growing on and over the fence.

All said and done they took down three trees but only two directly affected us. One was a plum tree which was the tree that was growing over our fence line. Besides the fact that it made the new fence job tricky (would have had to cut a space into the fence for it) but the fruit of the tree grew only over our yard and dropped all of it into our grass. Huge rotting fruit problem but also a huge problem with the dogs. They delighted in eating the plums till they would get sick. So while I love fruit bearing trees I am glad that one is gone.

The 2nd tree that was taken out was a huge ugly holly tree. Those things grow like weeds and it was ugly as hell. It had morning glory and other weed vines growing up it and those dangled and grew into our yard as well. I am SO HAPPY IT IS GONE!! It is a little weird seeing into our neighbors yard so well though.  But next week we will have a solid cedar fence (knock on wood) so no more neighbor spying :)

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